Monday, March 2, 2009

Runescape Bookstore

Following Knifestorm's suggestion I just opened an Amazon powered Runescape bookstore. It contains both Runescape related books as well as my all time favorites. I added short review for each book in there and will be writing longer ones in this blog from time to time. I hope you'll like it.

All the books in there (except for the "official Runescape handbook") are the ones I really really like and would recommend anyone to read without hesitation. If you see a book you might be interested in and think about buying one, please, buy it through this bookstore (so I would get 4% commission from Amazon :-) for my Runewise expenses).

Thank you!


Ren said...

The Dungeons & Dragons books/manuals were probably quite influential too.

Ren said...

Oh, and Lord of the Rings (Mithril anybody?)

Knifestorm said...

I noticed the 15% mentioned on their web page turned into 4% after you signed up for the service - why am I not surprised.

You need more books listed to make the page more worth visiting. Maybe adding a section of books suggested by your readers. They would have to be willing to write a short review about the books they suggest.

Vaskor said...

Thank you for the comments!

Ren, I'll look at Dungeons & Dragons books, haven't read them myself...
Added the Lord of the Rings.

Knifestorm, I like the idea about reader's suggestions/review. Let me think a bit how it could be organized through this blog.
And I agree, I need more books in the Runescape section. "My favorites" section is populated better though.

RSPS, I deleted your comments, so not to promote Runescape private servers.

G said...

Ah, a Terry Pratchet fan I see :) I have to admit, my exposure with Terry is limited to trying to read Soul Music when I was about 15. I didn't get any of the slang terminology, but was told I have to revisit those books now that I'm older.

That's kind of awesome by the way. If I can make some book recs, check out Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace or Choke by Chuck Pahlaniuk. I'm also a big Charles Bukowski fan.

Vaskor said...

G, thanks, now I have two more books on my "to read" list :-)

Regarding Terry Pratchett, I like his books a lot, but not all of them (in fact just a few) are among my all time favorites. Check the second part of the store called "Vaskor's favorites". It gives better picture about my taste for books :-)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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