Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Evil Tree and Rumors

An Evil Tree guide from the Informer. And it actually contains a picture of an Evil Tree sapling, which I haven't been able to spot so far. Doesn't look like a sapling, if you ask me, though definitely very "treeish".

Now, there is one thing that irks me. I am talking about a new Barbarian Assault type of rumor that lighting fires around an evil tree lessens the reward (or tree lifespan). Every time I attempt to light a fire under an evil tree, I get screamed at by at least half a dozen players. And it is getting worse... Neither Informer, Tip.it or Marlain talks about it, nor I see anything like that in Jagex's description of the minigame. I don't think anyone can actually measure it and prove/disprove the rumor, as there are always many players working on every tree and you never know what and how much influences to the tree's destruction.

So, until I see an official comment from Jagex about the way it works, I refuse to believe this rumor and encourage you to do the same. Don't fall for it and don't be shy to get your Firemaking reward from the minigame.


Jax said...

I don't believe it either. I think one or two people started it so they could get more of the kill and it's spread. Until I see some numbers/proof I'll keep on burning.

Joost said...

The first tree I ever visited was still a sapling when I reached it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_h3da4ROUM (at 2:30)

Aximili E I said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aximili E I said...

oops on the deleted comment.. anyway...Argh just what I need another BA Cannon type idiocy myth(the BA is cannon myth is very very annoying... I love playing BA but I can't play with anyone but friends because of that stupid "can't use cannon" myth)

Steve said...

last tree I did they kept saying don't burn it and don't chop the roots, it was a pain but stopped when someone said "shutup noob don't tell us how to play our game"

I am 99 wc and wanted FM xp so I lit my fires, I got to the elder and everyone was stood around looking at it so I nurtured it, I guess I was the only one with high enough farming, the farming requirements are very low so was surprised I was the only one who could do it.

The PC myth don't spec the portal or it will produce spinners started a similar way, someone said it when PC first started and has been passed down generation to generation.

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