Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Runescape Classic Blog

Very interesting and informative blog about Runescape Classic. I'll just point to a few posts, but there is more, check it out.

A few posts:
1. Facts RS2 player may not know about RSC - sure enough I didn't know more than half of them!
2. More facts and corrections - so now I know why there are so many clerks in Runescape banks!



Cremlin said...

Man, I would really like to try RS classic, but i need to be a member of it.

Aximili E I said...

Well no wonder I had a big jump in viewership O_o... Thanks for posting about my blog!=) And thanks for all for checking it out!

Sam said...

Hey Vaskor,
I don't know if you can access RSC or not, however you have a few blog posts about it ;). I've posted this message on all of them.

I have recently started a RSC fansite (, and if you are interested in joining, regardless of whether you can play RSC or not, I would love to have you join.


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