Friday, April 24, 2009

Chessy018, the richest Runescape player?

Picked this video from TruthScape. I couldn't even imagine one player can hoard so much money in the game. Apparently it is possible to get more than 2.1B of RSGP. In fact, much more...

Just one warning before you watch the video. It is essentially an advertisement of Chessy019 merchanting clan, and quite professionally made one. I already wrote about it before, but want to reiterate it again - unless you are specifically looking for such clan, don't fall into a trap. You will be better off merchanting solo or not merchanting at all than being duped by merch clan leaders.


Primadog said...

Rather amusing.

It's rather funny that this has the classic motivational elements of the real life sales pyramid schemes.

Timothy Gold said...

The video made me cringe.

Bruisedbad said...

It isn't a pyramid at all. I have merched with her clan many times and the only people who lose out are the tards who buy when we are a couple hundred k from the target price. They let everyone in clan chat decide the item so even chessy does not know of the item, and who cares even if she did? 99% of the time everyone makes a profit of over 10m if you start out with the recommended amount of gold to begin with.I'm still not sure how come people are still talking trash on her and her clan, the ranks are great friendly people, you make a very large profit, and the clan is so large you make alot of gold very quickly. If you have never merched with chessy018's clan and instead merched with the scam merch clans, the idiots who say, "Today we are going to merch tomatoes..." then my sympathy for you have no idea the benefits of being with an honest friendly clan.

Fatal Dirge said...

Oh yea absolutely... I mean buying out Dragon Boots and Dharok Plates, making innocent players unable to get the equipment they need is incredebly honest isn't it?

Chessy is no different than any other merch clan owner. She's got no prob allowing the ppl in her clan to buy something at max and risk money for her since let's face it... 6 max piles are never enough now is it?>.>

Oh by the way... How would you know about the community in her clan chat when only ranks are allowed to talk?

Anonymous said...

she only allows ranked people to talk, because, peopleused to come in and spam and insult everyone. and why do you want to talk? to say she sucks?

Anonymous said...

That video is so lame!

It actually passes merchanting off as a good and fair way to make money; too bad they leave out that any money made with merchanting comes from hardworking players who get to pay for all the idiots who buyout cheap items or manipulate prices...

The leaders in these types of clan always stock up on the item first and dump way too early. I'm making money with them, by dumping even earlier than the leaders and that's the only way not to get screwed. If everyone does this, sooner or later, these clans won't be able to function. So do everyone and yourself a favor, give these scammers a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

This video made me sick. It used classic examples of propaganda that we learned about in the sixth grade (LOL) - namely nostalgia, when she was picking bananas to fill the crate on Karamja, and smithing bronze meds. And did anyone notice when it was talking about merchanting lobs and yews, etc., she had items in her G.E. box? And this was supposed to be before the G.E. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You guys commenting are pathetic... For one, this video is unlikely to have been made merely to advertise a clan, seeing as the clan was barely mentioned in it. Merchanting is 100% fair, you buy and sell, and you can only buy and sell with what you have and what other people offer, so how is anybody ever cheated of their money/items?? Honestly, those who attack merchanting are those who aren't intelligent enough to understand the difference between REAL merchanting/investing and SCAMS by large clans. However, seeing as none of you insulting it have ever visited chessy's clan, I'm sure none of you know anything about how it works. This video was made, most likely, for entertainment purposes and to encourage newbies that RuneScape is a GAME that you could be SUCCESSFUL at. Emphasis on game -- you play to win, and if you lose, you get over it or play again, you don't whine about others who win. Before you insult those having some fun playing RuneScape or the methods of merchanting, you can look at how complex real merchanting is, how much people actually 'lose' in this game, how much experience YOU have in this regard (besides idiots in buyout clans, the max experience any of you guys have, I'm sure), and everything else I mentioned.

Anonymous said...

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