Sunday, April 26, 2009

Questing in Runescape

Something unusual happened to me when I was doing the Glorious Memories quest yesterday. I've been quite busy IRL lately, so it took more than a week for me to get going with the new quest. Finally, this Saturday, I carved out a few hours and prepared to enjoy the adventure. My first steps were quite normal though: I talked to various Fremennik chiefs, saw their versions of dreadful events which took place in an icy cave some 20 years ago and gathered directions to the actual cave. The directions were straightforward: "go east from Rellekka, then turn north along the mountains and finally cross some ice field to get to the cave". However it took me a while until I found the cave: I went all the way to the hunting area, visited eagles in their icy cave, then returned back and up the snowy slope of the mountain by the fairy ring. And, bingo! The cave was there, as icy as it could be! I ventured inside, met Erjolf and together we found the frozen "yeti"-like creature inside. So far so good. I helped Erjolf to melt the ice around the creature and it turned out to be one of Mahjarrats. Hmm, I thought, quite strange for the yeti quest, checked the quest tab and saw that Fremennik chiefs still wanted me to investigate the cave. Fine. so it went, I helped the Mahjarrat to regain his peaceful slumber and returned back to Erjolf with a trophy. And then the quest ended. What?!! How about all those Fremennik chiefs? I checked the tab again, they still wanted me to investigate the cave. Hmm, I went and talked to them again - to no avail.

You are probably laughing already, but only at that point did I realize that I found different icy cave and completed the Tale of Muspah quest instead of the Glorious Memories one.

Then I thought, wow, wasn't it great? Instead of following step by step instruction I ended up living within a story of my own creation within Runescape. I only wish I could repeat this experience, but alas, it would be very hard. I envy players who still have many quests to complete. If they choose to do them without guides, but as part of their adventures within Runescape, they have a great chance of becoming entangled in such stories and enjoy them to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I didn't get lost, but I couldn't find the cave for a while :p
Tale of the Muspah wasn't out when Glorious Memories came out so I would of been impossible for me to accordantly do that quest :(


How to be a Runescape Player said...

This is like the metaphor for life. :)

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