Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hunting for cash in Runescape

I still think that Farming is the best money making skill in Runescape, but Hunting comes very close. I know some people would argue both statements, but, please, don't even bring those double nats up. One has to have very, I mean, VERY, special type of character to get to level 91 in Runecrafting and even after that, without runners double nats are not that great anymore.

Anyway, Hunting is a great money making skill. Take a look at Jax's calculations and strategy on how maximize profit from Runescape Hunting.


Jax said...


Agreed on the double nats. The nice thing about both farming and hunter is you can just start the skill and make reasonable money (marigolds and polar kebbits).

For a lot of the combat moneymaking ideas (dragons, gwd) and other stuff you need to be fairly along in the skill.

Mining/fishing/woodcutting you can make a little money. But just out of the gate, it's hunter and farming if you want to make anything decent.

Daniel said...

91 runecrafting is a very special skill, yes. But it doesn't take a special kind of character to specifically get it. It depends on how much a person wants it.

Being one who has gotten 91+rc and beyond, I encourage anyone to go for it and keep trying. It gets very hard towards the upper levels, but your perserverance well pays off in a matter of time.

In hunting, you can only make, at most, 300k an hour. While this may seem a lot, that is the most that you can make, ever. Simply by getting your rc level to 50. You already make 250k per hour, as well as making your skill go up, and you're even able to increase it after 75 rc (to 500k/h)! There are not many skills that will do that. Very rare. That's all I have.:)

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