Friday, April 3, 2009

Top 10 Runescape search phrases

Aximili E I's post gave me an idea to publish these ten top phrases, which people are using to find Runescape Reader's Digest through Google (and that's 65% of my overall traffic). Some phrases are surprising, some aren't:

1. Runescape cursors - who would guess? But this phrase brings five times more people than the second one in the list!
2. Runescape gravestones - another surprising one. Not as popular as #1, but way ahead of #3. The rest eight brought more or less the same number of hits.
3. Runescape sailing - and it's not even a skill :-)
4. Runescape summoning
5. Runescape blog - duh!
6. Runescape highscores
7. Runescape costumes
8. Runescape economy
9. Runescape grand exchange
10. Runescape readers digest


Aximili E I said...

runescape cursors and runescape gravestones!?! Those are quite odd... at least my top search phrase makes sense(rsc to reopen) but gravestones and cursors for Runescape Reader's Digest?!?

Joost said...

On RuneTower the most popular guides might not be the ones you expect, this is because those guides rank very well on search results.

ES Economist said...

Where did that come from? Checking now I see that runescape cheats, runescape wiki, and runescape quest help come up well before runescape cursors.

Vaskor said...

Data comes from Google Analytics which I have enabled on this site. Things like Runescape Cheats, Runescape Money, Runescape Gold, Runescape Guides, Runescape Tips etc. are, of course, being looked upon by Runescape players much more often, but it is pretty much impossible to get any kind of decent Google search rank for these terms for Runescape Reader's Digest. Thus, as Joost mentioned, I get more traffic from "unusual" Runescape search terms where I was able (mostly by chance) to get a good Google search rank.

Turbo said...

Duh! I completely misread your whole post. Never mind

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