Monday, April 6, 2009

I hope it is a Journey

Good article at How do you play this game? What's important: journey or destination? I sure hope it is a journey. Goals and fine, but don't let them stand in a way of actually enjoying the game. You can still get to high levels and even capes by simply playing the game, sure it will take much longer, but who cares? Really.

At least, that's what I believe into.


Aximili E I said...

I would go crazy if I did any game as "destination" over the fun of the journey

G said...

I hate to admit it, but I have been guilty of some of these. I have done things I've hated for hours, but to be honest, it was to unlock things that I know I wouldn't hate. The destination not necessarily being a 99 or a skill cape. I hate questing and spent hours doing it, hating it, so I could do things like access Lletya, which I now love for stars or if I need to chop mage logs or for pingus. Doing something for 6 hours that you hate to access something you can use until the game ends keeps me going. I do see the point though, it is a game, it should be fun, not work.

I'm also driven a bit by competitiveness. Not so much in the "I want to be better than you" sense, but when friends send me a message with something like "Just leveled to 83 Hunting, I can now catch Dragon Imps!!" part of me goes "oh man, I want to be able to do that too..."

Steve said...

I wrote a similar post last week, I have always trained for fun but after getting a new job that prevents me playing so often it became clearer that I am driven by fun and not levels.

I have gained level 99 in the majority of skills I enjoy, I now use those skills to play the game how I want to, I have 99 wc I still wc, I have 99 slayer I still slay.
I have a friend who I train with, she has lower levels than me and wants the levels so she can do better things, I play along to keep her company when training.

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