Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Collaboration between Runescape Fan Sites

I've been nurturing this idea of Runescape fan sites being more open to each other. And not just being "non-hostile", but actually helping each other and sharing ideas and services. I might be too idealistic, but I honestly believe, there is a way for fan sites to benefit from such openness.

Take this collaborative RWT ads filter environment I've been pitching for quite a while. RuneTower, TruthScape, RuneWise have been using it successfully for two years. Recently MechScape World joined in and also is benefiting from it. By doing it in a collaborative matter, amount of work for each fan site is minimal and benefit is obvious - no RWT ads on all these sites.

That's just one example, but for a long time I wasn't thinking beyound that (well, except for being fan site neutral in this blog). Interestingly, joining the Twitter Runescape community gave me another spur. There fan site owners are actually TALKING to each other! Anyway, I realized that there is nothing wrong with RuneWise's content being served to other fan sites via services. Indeed, I would love to see more players taking advantage of all those Runescape tips and suggestions accumulated at RuneWise throughout the last 3 years. So I made services out of level based tips and unusual tips. Joost indicated his interest in the project, so hopefully the idea can be validated at RuneTower. Rune Legion is also interested. The only thing I am asking in return for RuneWise's content being served from other sites is some kind of "powered by RuneWise" message/link. Win-win situation? Yes, I think so.

Now, what about Runescape Items or Monsters databases being exposed as services? Of course, I don't have them at RuneWise, but if some fan site offers such services, I'll be more than happy to use them while giving credits to the service provider. And I am sure there are other areas for such kind of integration.

Finally, here is a link to Baldwin's (from Rune Legion) post on the same topic with Joost's (from RuneTower) comments. Take a look.

What do you think about all this?


Arieder said...

You already know my views on fansite collaboration, I am a little disappointed that...eh never mind, nice......

Vaskor said...

Arieder, I am sorry. I did not intend to offend you or leave RuneAddict out. It's all moving very fast...

I view integration with the blog you are working on in a bit different light, and maybe it is not right from my side. I'll send you info about the services - those are brand new. I've been thinking about validating them first with Joost first, but I can just as well open them up more.

Cloak said...

As a new player in the RuneScape fansite business, I see this article as an example that fansites can collaborate. Good read!

Primadog said...

The question is... will any of the big three change their POV?

G said...

Very interesting topic. Personally, I think a collaboration would be great. The more information available to players is only better for the game, as long as that information is accurate.

Everyone took a lot of time putting together what's out there. Instead of butting heads, everyone should be embracing each other's interest in the game.

We have something amazing going here, everyone just needs to realize it.

Ugh, I sound like a hippie, but you get my point.

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