Monday, May 25, 2009

Maxing out Runescape Skills?

Food for thought. How many people do you know who are going to 200M mark in a skill? I know two. And they seem like nice people, definitely sane people :-)

But for me, there is something deeply unnatural, I'd even say alien, in such goals. This 200M mark seems so artificial and at the same time so "grindish", if you know what I mean. There is simply no way to get so much experience points by playing the game. One have to grind his/her way through. Even 99s with their 13M are usually products of grinding, but at least it is possible to get the capes and still be in playing mode. But 200M - no way.

What do you think?
If you are one of those people who go for 200M, what's driving you?


Joost said...

I agree that it feels highly unnatural it does really surprise me that actual people have obtained these levels without botting. It will be not long before there are 100 people with 200,000,000 cooking exp.

Whiskas88 said...

Well, if I was to go for 200M xp, it'd be because of what my first ever Runescape friend said to me.
"Someday, you'll be as good as Zezima"

Arieder said...

I have about 5 friends with 200M XP, some in cooking, some in fletching and one in Thieving, they are all really friendly people, at one point I was going for 200M in cooking, but missed my opportunity, I feel that its a good goal though for people to have.

8HQTNH9DSCD8 said...

This is my first Runescape goal.

I'm currently going for max 200M xp in Firemaking, as pure free to play too I must add. I say pure because I've never been member before, and I plan not to be. If I do decide to get members, it will be for my younger brother's account and not my account. =]

I started playing again in January 2008 (to be honest, I forgot about runescape before then ^-^; when I logged back on, it said you last logged on 594 days ago at... XD) I started playing Runescape back in February 2005.

Whats driving me, is getting on the first page of a skill in hi scores as free to play. But if I miss, I'll be right below...on second page >=]. And Thanks to the friends I meant back in 2005 and the friends I meant currently, for the company while I'm clicking away on those silly logs. They make it less boring, thats for sure!

Currently, there is already a F2P with 200M Firemaking xp, ranked at 11, name is Expert1212.

As of now, I'm ranked 28th on Firemaking hi scores at 85,809,437 xp. 2nd Best Pure F2P Firemaker. I must say though, to many, my username 8hqtnh9dscd8 makes no sense. However for me, it has meaning.

I got 99Firemaking on July 1st 2008, am the 11,937th player to do so. Person at rank 11,938 was a few xp off of 99. (Jut a side note, before I hit 99fm, there were only 11,936 with 99fm'ing) =D

So far, these are the 10 players who have passed me on Firemaking Hiscores since I started this goal:

13th Dude
Rut Sim
Da Broman1
Paperbag 70

In a way, this is my way of giving them props, some of them have already hit first page. Of all the players above, so far I've only meant Chrimison, and that was due to English King. For English King I meant him while firemaking at the Grand Exchange, at first he was one of his other accounts.
As for Expert1212, haven't seen him on RS yet, but I have talked with him on YouTube.

I've said much, but hope everyone have fun. ^-^

Vaskor said...

8hqtnh9dscd8, thank you for the comment! For me it still looks too much of an effort for such a goal. I guess it shows yet again that all players have different motivations in this game.

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