Thursday, May 21, 2009

Penguins Hunting with Marlain

Well, not exactly. But it feels like it :-)

Every week Marlain posts her list of penguin locations, so other players could get clues on where to find these little creatures quickly. I have to admit, that I wasn't doing penguins hunting at all for a long time, despite them giving great experience rewards and despite possibility to join a penguins hunting clan chat. As with other Runescape Distractions and Diversions I was always finding something more interesting and less repetitive to do. Clan chat was making yet another chore out of penguins hunting. And my attempts to look for penguins without help were rather futile. It was simply too hard.

Marlain's list gave me that "middle ground". Penguins are easier to find, yet I actually have to looks for them alone and sometime without success. So now every week I end up finding 6-7 penguins while having fun along the way. Try it for yourself!

And, thank you, Marlain.

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Anonymous said...

Marlaine has been so helpfull in many ways for me in this game with her guides and suggestions. She is juat a great person :). Wish she would join my clan :(

Yep her penguin guide is very helpfull.
ty marlaine!


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