Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recognized Runescape Fansites

Jagex added a list of recognized Runescape fan sites on RSOF. I am glad Runetower made it. It is also a good news that Jagex indeed is looking beyond a short list of "big ticket" fan sites. I am sad, neither Runewise or this blog are on the list. Oh, well...


Primadog said...

It's tough to be a pioneer. Don't worry, your hard work will eventually be recognized.

tommyburke said...

Yea, just give it time mate; you run two of RuneScape most unique, yet useful fansites, and im sure that you will be recognized soon enough. Glad to see that RuneTower made the list, along with some other smaller sites; nice to see that Jagex did not just go with the big 4 like I expected.
Im sorry, but just EPIC LOLS at the replies from the people at Zybez. It has to be the most shamefull, embarrasing and immature thing that I have seen any fansite ever do. We have w13 and a large amount of the staff acting like spoilt children - and the fact that they carry on claiming that theres no RWT ads any more is laughable; its just down right not true, not matter how many times you say it.
TBH, with an attitude like that, even if there were no RWT ads, I would probably tell Zybez to bugger off anyway. Its especially funny after that blog that they published a few weeks ago as well.

Anyways, Ill stop acting like a grumpy old man and spoilt child myself now; congrats everyone who made the list, and good luck to the deserving ones that should almost certainly be following, if there is any justice in this world, that is.

Joost said...

I recommend runewise and runescape reader for you ;)

Vaskor said...

Thank you!

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