Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The size of Gielinor or how big is the Runescape map?

As a continuation to the Geology of Runescape article, Knifestorm did some calculations to find out how much room does the Runescape map have for growing and expanding. The results are quite astonishing. Read on.


How to be a Runescape Player said...

What do you think of my techno remix?! I am going to play it at school to pick up some dime-pieces!!!

Runescape Techno Remix

Cremlin said...

The proportions RuneScape to the real world is very messed up. According to the map, I could be able to walk the width of the US in a matter of hours in RuneScape. I would think that if you converted Geilinor into earth measurements, it would be no bigger than a small town.

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