Sunday, May 17, 2009

Runewise on Twitter

Well, I've been subscribed to Jagex's Twitter account for quite a while now and finally decided to start Runewise's Twitter too. Here is the URL:

Feel free to follow if you have your own Twitter account, or subscribe to the RSS feed, if you don't. I'll make sure to return a favor and follow yours :-)

Will this Twitter account replace the Runescape Reader's Digest? No.
I will post in the blog as regularly as before. Twitter only allows for short concise messages and quick interactions, and that's exactly the way I plan to use it.

Plus following other fan sites and players is quite rewarding. I've been using it for a few days only, but it is already fascinating to see how other fan sites are being built and updated: Arieder is in the middle of the RuneAddict home page rework and MechScape World just started a new community event (by the way, if you like creating cool pictures, take a look - you might want to participate). With more fan sites joining Twitter it may become THE way to keep a hand on a pulse of the Runescape community.

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