Monday, May 18, 2009

Should we pot, eat, pray or die "honorably"?

New article at about using food, potions and prayers in PvP minigames. Should we do so, or should we not? Honestly, I don't think there is much to discuss there. Of course, we should use whatever skills and supplies we could furnish in the game, regardless whether it is during skilling, player vs monster or player vs player activities. IMHO, "honor pking" is an ugly phenomena.

P.S. I still vividly remember my own "dive" into the world of "honor" pkers at the Fight Pits. Definitely not something I want to go through again...

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Knifestorm said...

I have to laugh.

To these kids "honor" means play by MY rules not Jagex's. How about we start a new meme: "Virtue Fighters". Virtue Fighters use all the tools at their disposal to win a fight. LOL.

What disturbs me is that these "honor" kids are imposing artificial limits on themselves. How for will they get in life if they themselves place barriers to their own success?

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