Wednesday, June 24, 2009

26king and 76king in Runescape

Well, I am not a fan of this new type of PvP activities. IMHO, it is just easy money obtained through exploitation of game mechanics (like zero-cycle merchanting). Nothing to do with the game flow and role-playing. I think it devalues P-king: real fight is getting replaced with something utterly artificial.

But, the rewards are great as you can see from multiple posts of our fellow bloggers from Blessings clan (here are posts from Tim and Zelda) and risks are minimal. So no wonder 26king and 76king got so popular in PvP (and BH?).

Will the rewards be nerfed soon? Who knows, but, I think, it is probable. Here are official Jagex's statements about 26king from Twitter:

  • 26k-ing is not against the rules, however we do not consider it a skillful or honorable way to play -RSDev
  • No comment on "fixing" the 26k trick, but we are always looking for ways to ensure drop-table calculations are fair. -RSDev


NeobotXP said...

Bleh, once again everyone is getting rich doing not much.

Ice the frosty cat said...

I'm not much of a PKer; I'd never be able to keep a level head in a dangerous situation (which is why I would have died, had Mat not stepped in).
It's an enjoyable activity though, not just because there's the possibility of getting a good drop, but because it let's us all hang out in the same place and train the same skill. Sure, we're usually in the clanchat anyway, but there's just something a lot more fun about being in the same place o.O

Linkbuilder said...

I agree that the drop system is bogus.

But I'll have to read more about this 26king and see if I can find some How-To videos on YouTube!

Anonymous said...

well Jagex put it in place, they have only themselves to blame for people exploting it. I as a skiller, take days to make the same money as one or two hours of the 26k trick.....It's really frustrating, but as I said, jagex has no one to blame but themselves.


Anonymous said...

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