Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jagex approves Runewise

Runewise was added to the Jagex's list of approved/recognized fan sites!

I guess, I am happy. And I am definetely grateful. Jagex also went public (on Twitter) with Runewise's collaborative anti RWT ads filter. Since then 7 fan sites joined the initiative (to make it 12) and I expect more. To be honest, I attribute Runewise's approval mostly to the work I've been doing on this RWT ads filter, though Runewise's unique services and content helped too. As for the filter - it is simple and it works, and Draynor.net is a living proof to it :-) It is very gratifying to see RWT ads disappearing from Runescape fan sites because of this tool.

With that I also want to thank Joost from RuneTower for sharing the initial filter with me two years ago. Without him the filter wouldn't exist in the first place.


Aximili E I said...

Congrats Vaskor!

Timothy Gold said...

Good on ya, Vaskor!

Joost said...

I'm just glad those ads aren't showing up as much as they used to.

Primadog said...

Congrats! I knew your hard work will pay off!

Now for the blogger revolution!

Anonymous said...

Congrats :)

Vaskor said...

Thank you very much!

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