Friday, June 12, 2009

Friends and Levels

G's post got me thinking. How do you compare your stats and levels to other players? Do you compare? Do you follow other player's progress by looking them up in Runescape highscores from time to time?

This is something I don't do, so I am curious whether it is a common practice or not. Maybe I should add some services to accommodate such lookups to Runewise?


Topper Fox said...

I check friend's stats when one of them is close to 99 or a major goal.

Stataholics don't really enjoy the game. I play to relax and to have fun.

Aximili E I said...

I use to but because I hate grinding like its some vile disease I stopped because I no longer have really any skills that beat by freinds... lol

O well I beat them all at RSC stats MWhahahaha!

Johannes said...

This is a way of doing it. Numbers are way out of date, but its a right way to think about it.

Alex said...

I compare using runescript a lot, it's something to have a bit of a boast and joke about and that's how we roll usually. I also check up on my mates when they're training for something to give them encouragement.

Ice the frosty cat said...

Indeed, I do this a lot. Partly because I'm interested in my friend's development.
However, I'm sure that I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't been inspired by my friend's high levels. If I'd never joined Blessings, I dread to think of where I'd be right now.

G said...

Vaskor, thanks for the link my friend :)

I just want to explain what maybe didn't come across in my original post (response to the comments, not the link), I DO enjoy the game. I just really like leveling. Some people like PC, some like FM, some like Temple Trekking, etc. Just because I like stats, it doesn't mean I don't just enjoy the game. It's not a competition with anyone other than myself. Seeing those fireworks is what I like about the game. I don't find it grinding at all.

I feel it goes for the same as runners. Sure, going out and having a nice run is a great feeling. However, if you can run 5 miles in 35 minutes one day, aren't you happy if you can run that same 5 miles a minute faster after working on it?

I kind of think generalizations like 'stataholics dont really enjoy the game' is kind of unfair. Its like saying 'people who work on slayer' or 'people who work on farming' and 'people who only like quests' don't really enjoy the game. You can't really dictate what someone else is getting from it.

G said...

Oh and to the last part, Runewise's xp tracker is something I've come to use very often. Given the course of a RS day, with no levels, say maybe a tree here, a star there, some other skills in between... the xp tracker is a great tool and I'm so happy you have it. I just like looking at how much xp I got from each thing.

Might have done a star and a tree, and not seen how it helped me, its a great way to keep track! :)

Vaskor said...

Thanks, G!

I am glad you find Runewise's services useful. I am thinking about allowing players to check progress of other Runewise's users, but we'll see. It is on my to-"eventually"-do list now.

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