Thursday, June 11, 2009

Andrew's explanation for the B-Day

Andrew's explanation for the B-Day events. Nice and clear.

I don't get why people are so upset about Jagex not rolling back and not banning people who were killing Bosses during the B-Day glitch.

Common, you were there, you understood that something funky was going on and you wisely decided to stay away and not abuse the glitch. Great. If you did it because you didn't want unfair advantage for your character, you achieved your goal and shouldn't be upset. But if you did it for the fear of Jagex's repercussions and now regret your actions and want other players to be punished because of this regret and envy - shame on you! I find righteousness which is based on fear of punishment quite disgusting.

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G said...

Although I didn't really experience any of it (I haven't done cb in several weeks now), I like glitches like this. No one is harmed, no one loses stuff (the losing the lent items was apparently fake), its a safe, fun, freak thing that occurs. Not because you benefit, but because it pretty much lets you know this game is a living, breathing, ever changing entity. It will have its flaws.

Jagex's attitude about not banning anyone is great. Its the "whoops! sorry about that! our bad :)" kind of mindset that is appealing to me. Its just a mistake, freaky things happened, everyone will remember its part in "history." We've all made mistakes in the games ourselves. Its kind of fun to grow alongside each other.

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