Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Runescape B-Day or History in Making

Bug Day anyone?

What a strange coincidence, just yesterday we've been talking about the way how major bug abuse cases tend to become major milestones in Runescape history. And today we got the whole package:

  • Mass Boss Kicking caused by monsters not fighting back
  • Items lent to other players disappearing (presumably forever) - rumor, probably not true
  • Inflated drops in PvP worlds
  • People dying during Pyramid Plundering not being able to get off the spikes (shudder)
  • Player owned houses messed up
  • Summoning not working
  • Banks and GE not accessible
  • Ranging from distance not working
  • Firemaking, Woodcutting and pretty much every other skill affected at some degree
Not much bug abusing, though, except for piling Bosses and getting unfairly huge drops in PvP. Plus Jagex was able to fix the problems rather quickly. I wouldn't expect many players (if any) being banned over this. And no roll back!

No roll back effectively sealed this B-Day in Runescape History.

Yeap, I think we just got another milestone to come along with D-Day and Falador Massacre.


NeobotXP said...

I admit to completing my Iron Dragon task with glee when I found out that they didn't fight back.

"Items lent to other players disappearing (presumably forever)" was a lie by Players trying to cash in on all the other bugs. This was explained by Mod Mark to being impossible. (Items lent are stored in an inaccessible inventory on your account and the items that the other user has is a copy with a time limit).

Primadog said...

Em... RSReader post a glitch history review, and next day the biggest glitch of the year in RS? I smell a conspiracy for traffic by a certain somebody.

Vaskor said...

NeobotXP, thanks! I put a note pointing that that rumor probably being not true.

Primadog, I do what I can :-)

Knifestorm said...

You missed the small bug which started it all: Not being able to eat and walk at the same time.

G said...

I showed up to an Evil Magic tree right as it was at 0%. Since the reset was only about 20 mins away, I figured I'd get something. It lasted about another 3-4 minutes at 0%. I know that sometimes that happens for a minute or two, but after it died, I realized there were tons of people there. I got my 5 minutes of leprechaun magic, I guess that's the extent of me lucking out on these things.

Aximili E I said...

I saw a vid of this that someone sent me but I think its more of a R-day and its was that @^*(#& run hotfix that cascaded into so many aspects of the game.. maybe C day?

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