Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From RS1 to RS2

Aximili E I beat me in publishing a link to this article first and then Jagex pointed to it on Twitter. So suddenly it is an old news for everybody... But the article is too good to be left out of the Runescape Reader's Digest. So here goes a story of transition between RS1 and RS2. Enjoy!

P.S. will Jagex ever use open beta testing again?


Cremlin said...

Yes, it really is a great and informative article. They have, actually, used open betas since then. There was a members-only beta of the latest graphic overhaul for a couple of weeks before it was released to everyone. I'm sure they will use the same effective method for upcoming major updates and probably MechScape.

Cremlin said...

Oh, also forgot to mention that you misspelled Jagex in the last sentence.

NeobotXP said...

Great Article, really brings back the memories. They made Greaters drop Dragon Meds really often, back when a dragon med was worth 1.2m. I remember being amazed at a guy with 50 meds.

1.2m was a _LOT_ in those days.

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