Monday, July 6, 2009

Play the Game

I usually get the same question from players when I farm while wearing the Farming cape: "How long did it take?", meaning "Which way did you power train this skill to 99?" In this regard my answer "3.5 years" is clearly not the answer they expect to hear and, I am afraid, they see me as being either arrogant or stupid. The notion of getting achievement capes without power training is so alien to Runescape population, that I hardly get any other reaction. And it is sad. Will there ever be a shift in Runescape community, so more players would actually play the game instead of working inside it? Against all odds, I hope so.

Meanwhile, I'll keep writing about it and I'll keep giving "3.5 years" answer back to my fellow Runescape farmers. I am also glad to see articles like this one appearing on major fan sites. It can only help.


Kitt said...

My answer is usually 2-3 weeks, depending on the skill. Obviously, it took 4+ years to get such-and-such 99 because that's how long I've been playing, but I mark my power training time from the moment I told myself, "May as well go for 99 now" until I achieve it.

I enjoy grinding for levels in most of the skills, moreso now that I've done all the quests which is what I really love.

But it usually doesn't matter what you tell people since they'll come up with reasons for why your method is wrong.

Aximili E I said...

I couldn't agree with Mirrorforced more... I hardly do anything on RS2 anymore but utilize Clan Chat RS2 isn't as fun for me anymore it's grind this or grind that I HATE grinding don't know how many times I have to tell people that! I've have enjoyed blogging and playing RSC more then I ever enjoyed playing RS2. I never feel pressure in RSC to grind this or grind that I can just play it my way...except every 7th day lol.

Alex said...

Although I don't train in any way other than that which is the fastest, cheapest or somewhere in the two usually, I do do it slowly - I can't power for two weeks straight but I can do the speed training method slowly, in moderation for a long period of time.

Anonymous said...

It almost seems that if you can't get a skill in 3-4 weeks then you get no repect for getting it.....It's strange how certain people will only play rs now to power level or get rich quick using pvp or gwd etc.

Everyone's always looking for an angle or shortcut on something.

Seemingly very few play to play anymore. Well said.


Steve said...

I find it funny that people expect you to stop training a skill when you get to 99.

I was training slayer, someone asked are you training slayer, when I replied yes he said why you have the slayer cape.

I said I have the slayer cape because I love slayer, why would I stop training something I love when I get good at it.

I have 14 capes the only one I didn't like getting much was fletching, I just got it because it was easy and a friend wanted motivation for them to get theirs (a race), I may never get the RC cape because I don't like RC'ing, cant see the point of playing for anything else than fun.

chrisofour said...

I love the quests in RS. What I can't imagine doing anymore is grinding for levels so I can complete a new quest. I dislike firemaking, but for quest X I have to have X level in firemaking, so I cut trees and make long boring rows of fire until I get the proper level to allow me to finish the quest. I wish that it was just that completing quests increased your levels, so you could complete new quests more quickly and efficiently. If you have low levels, then the quest is going to take considerably more time and effort.

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