Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's just a game

It's just a game... Is it?
Very nice essay from G. Don't miss.

For some reason it is hard to comment on this one. I actually think that Runescape is, indeed, just a game. Yes, it provides much more than "regular" games do and not only gameplay, but also community and social interactions. And that's why we all love it (or hate it) and write blogs and build fan sites and keep coming back. But I still think it is just a game and I'd love to see players to be less serious about it. There is no point in lying to ourselves: there will be a day when we won't be playing Runescape anymore. And I want to be able to say then: "Yeah, Runescape was a good game and I had a lot of fun playing in."

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Cremlin said...

I agree with you.

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