Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not another crash

You know what, I am not going to talk about "yet another crash" and "about Jagex messing up the economy" and "pking being totally ruined". Common, a few big ticket items got devalued - so what, where is the crash? Unfortunately the update didn't fix 26king - it just made 76king out of it, so people are still making money by doing the same trick. Anyway, I wasn't going to talk about it.

What I'd like to point you to are two rather interesting interviews Jagex mods gave to different fan sites. I think it is becoming a good tradition. So here we go:



Alex said...

PKers never stop. I think Jagex should stop fan service to fans who don't appreciate them.

What about me, the loyal player who doesn't spam up the forum and make silly threats in "riots"? Who just gets on with it, even if the update isn't great.

PKers are so greedy that they ignore the bigger picture beyond themselves.

The entire above comment was all in stereotypes, so if you're being discriminated by it then I know how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Jagex probably hurt (ruined) the rs economy worse then the autoing, rwt, and scamming of past years combined......

They really shot them selves in the foot. But it's business as usual with them.

They often release an update without thinking it through. The very first thing they should do before releasing a update, especially a major update (as this one was), is to ask themselves "how can someone exploit this?" then take away that ability before it's ever released.

They often wait until its far too late to make the change and the damage has been done.

Just makes me mad.

I guess I'll just stop being a skiller, as we get almost no love, and just pk 24/7/365. Welcome to the dark side!

Knifestorm said...

"I guess I'll just stop being a skiller, as we get almost no love, and just pk 24/7/365"


The PvP update was in response to complaints by skillers that PK profits were too big. The Invest mechanic in Mobilizing Armies is intended to remove items from the economy so skillers can start making money again.

Maybe Jagex's efforts will work, maybe they won't, but it is not fair to say they are not considering skillers.

G said...

I have to side with Knifestorm on this one. Mobilising Armies is pretty much meant to absorb objects skillers make in mass amounts.

All of this talk about Jagex "ruining the runescape economy" is kind of a joke. The prices are player-driven. If everyone freaks out because of an update and starts selling items, it's not the company's fault.

I do love all the comments about them losing membership and going bankrupt, etc. It's a multi million dollar corporation. Everyone on forums seems to be pointing to the end of the wildy/ge update as an example. People seem to not realize that membership actually *increased* after that.

Alex said...

Exactly, if they all quit it will be good for the general RS population as there won't be anyone to complain about updates and ask for the old wildy.

Instead, there can be a new generation of PKers that likes this PK system, is used to it and accepts it limitations.

Then Jagex can get on with making content for the loyal players who don't make huge rants about how awful their hard work is time after time.

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