Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mining with an Addy pickaxe

Steve is writing about Summoning skill being underutilized by players. Very true. Only a few familiars got generally accepted and used by many players very often, namely Bunyip, Spirit Terrorbird and maybe also War Tortoise. All the others are being mostly ignored despite their obvious usefulness. How come people fighting in Chaos Tunnels and not having any combat creatures alongside? Why you can rarely see a hunter with a Polar Bear chasing chinchompas into the boxes? Why no beavers at Catherby yews grove?

Why is it so?
Is remembering to bring a useful pouch too much of a hassle? Or the players simply don't know what their familiars can do?


Cremlin said...

they don't do it for the same reason most people don't use potions or other boosting items while training, it's not a permanent boost

Jax said...

I love using summoning creatures. At the worst you're dragging something along.

Polar bears-from 85-98 I used one hunting red chins. Resulted in 10-15k an hour more.

Granite lobsters-Incredible. Each one catches about an extra 5-8 sharks and 10 swordies each. More then pays for itself.

Alex said...

For me, it was that I just didn't have the summoning level required to get anything useful for what I did - terrorbirds were the only thing that helped in PP and I never had the levels for anything good before that.

The other thing is that you can't see what the familliars do except on the RSKB and even then it's hard to find.

Aximili E I said...

I use the red spider creature to get red eggs and macaws for herbs (since I don't do much combat for that matter much of anything but sit in a bank all day...

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