Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to set up and run a Runescape Clan

And excellent article (or guide) on setting up and running a Runescape clan. If you are thinking about making one on your own, definitely take a look.

If you have some other tips/comments about Runescape clan management, please, share.


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G said...

Regarding the VOIP thing, I don't think it'll ever be implemented in Runescape. In appealing to younger players, they created the quickchat worlds. Even though people/kids have the option of selecting a separate world, there is still a filter/censor set in place. There's really no way to monitor what is being said in VOIP, which just exposes the company to numerous legal issues. People can have live chat through a third party if they wanted to, I just don't see Jagex wanting to open itself up to that if they don't have to.

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