Tuesday, August 25, 2009

YouTube Video about Runescape Blogging

Actually, there is no video yet, but Icey Dan1 is going to create one. As some of you already know Icey Dan1 is one of the most successful Runescape video makers, you can see his channel here. I have no doubts that video will be great and will help Runescape blogging community to grow.

If you wish to participate in the video creation and/or share your blogging experience here is the place to comment.

I'll comment there too, but want to dublicate my thought here as well:

Why did I start blogging?

There were several reasons as far as I can remember.

  • Two years ago I was a writer at RS Haven and was looking for new ways to promote RS Haven's articles. Ironically, this very blog became the reason I eventually broke up with RS Haven. They refused to exchange links viewing the Reader's Digest as a competitor and we parted our ways.
  • I'd been wanting to try serious "blogging" for quite a while, as I was (and still is) heavily involved into Web 2.0 type technologies in the course of my RL work.
  • I wanted to find a way to pay for Runewise hosting without placing any ads on Runewise or asking for donations.

What you get out of it?

  • I feel that I provide a useful service to Runescape community. It aligns very well with my idea of contributions people can and should make to communities they are involved into (online or real life - does not matter). I don't believe in monetary charity, but I do believe in making life of people around me better through voluntary contributions of time and effort.
  • I also found the whole Runescape blogging community to be very friendly and interesting.

Tips to players who also wish to blog for runescape?

  • Try to write about your Runescape experiences and adventures rather than about your levels.
  • Read and comment on other Runescape blogs - it is a sure way to find friends and readers.
  • Remember that you are not obligated to write every day, or every week. If you don't feel like writing, don't.
  • Enjoy writing.


Timothy Gold said...

Ah, I'm afraid I'm somewhat more selfish. ^_^

I don't consciously blog with the intention to "provide a useful service" to the RS community. It's just something I enjoy. Three years on, and I still find it a most engaging and fun hobby.

Icey Dan1 said...

Thanks alot for this post!!

I'll definitely include your blog in the video.

Do you think we could arrange to meet sometime in runescape? I could record a few clips of me asking you things first hand, might be pretty cool

You free sometime this weekend? Maybe sunday?

Aximili E I said...

Oooo an interview with Vaskor... maybe he'll spill the beans on the secret recipe for big mac sauce... or I could bribe my mom(Sorry I couldn't resist) Good Luck Icey Dan1!

NeobotXP said...

Now, if only slayer was as exciting as its name implies- I would have something to write about.

Vaskor said...

Icey Dan1, sure, I'll try to be online and with private on the next few days. On Sunday probably in the morning eastern US time. Thanks!

Aximili E I, if you "secretly" give me the recipe, I'll make sure to feed it to Dan :-)

Vaskor said...

Tim, that's a very good motivation :) Your blog must be the oldest active one here. Maybe only Marlain's blog is also that old I don't know.

Aximili E I said...

Oooo Can I watch while he is tortured via Big Mac sauce poisoning? Oooo better yet can I help you spoon feed him the stuff? >:D

Merch Gwyar said...

I've blogged about it and added my comment to Icey Dan's blog (well, in theory, either it's lost in the ether or the blog is set to moderate comments LOL).

Good project! And looking forward to the Vaskor interview! :D

G said...

I put it up on my site as well. This is really interesting.

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