Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bandos Armor IRL

Quite amazing: a real replica of Bandos Armor set (including the sword). And based on the author's comments not a foil substitute, but the real heavy steel thing. Wow!

Also a few additional notes related to the Icey Dan1's Runescape Blogging video (which was and is a great success):

  • A bit late but still relevant "why do I blog" post from Alex
  • If you are one of new Runescape bloggers, please, comment and give a link to your blog, I'll add it to the list of blogs I read and monitor. Thanks!


David7raul said...

Looks quite nice, very interesting how people craft/smith in real life :P. I would love to see pictures of all the capes he's made.

Thanks for thos pictures :).

Matties Life said...

THAT IS AMAZING! lol so cool! I'd be scared to wear that irl though :P

Also i'm new to blogging just created it today :D Link is:

I hope people like it :)

Alex said...

Hehe, slightly better than my efforts of wearing an old mask that looks like the highwayman's/thieving masks in RS. If he has dimensions I wonder if I could make my own thief cape...

(And thanks for the mention. I can't believed you made your way through that disjointed ramble :P)

Vaskor said...

Welcome ;-)

Matties Life, thank you for the link. I added your blog to my list :-)

vanished w0lf said...

Nice blog!

Just started my blog in the last coupla dayys so heres the link
Wish they'd make a Bandos helm...

Vaskor said...

Vanished wolf, thank you! I added your blog to my Google reader and will be reading it from now on.

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