Sunday, September 13, 2009

Combat vs Total

Old question: which score is more important? This topic is never getting old, and here is the latest blog post about it.

It actually prompted me to revise my thoughts about it. Apparently my opinion has changed since two years ago when Runewise's Score was invented. I still think that Runewise's score is the most "fair" indicator out there which takes in account both "F2P/P2P" and "buyable skill" factors. But obviously it is not going to be accepted by wide population of Runescape players. Which leaves us with Combat and Total. Combat, of course, gets more attention just because it is shown to other players. But is it relevant? Why was it implemented in the first place? My guess would be that it was needed for pking. Players had to know each other's Combat levels in order to see who can attack whom. But how many players still PK? Not that many. Plus pking has changed a lot recently anyway. Total level seems to be more relevant for majority of the players now, so why wouldn't it be shown?

What I think would be an ideal solution is an option for each player to choose what he/she would like to see about other players in the game. This way pkers can still see Combat and skillers can switch to seeing Total. What do you think?


Tripp said...
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Tripp said...

I'm so proud of David there. He leeched the idea from me, after I got him to read it.

But, yes. Total level is very underrated these days. I assume that people just aren't into skilling as they used too. :/

David7raul said...

Yeah, that's exactly what i tried getting at in my blog. Why is combat better then Woodcutting, or Runecrafting, or any other skill. Why do Attack, Defence, Hitpoints and all other combat skills get shown to the public and not skilling skills. I really do support what your saying here and I would love to show my Total level, instead of switching them around maybe having both of them on screen. Thanks for having that link to my blog as well :D.

NeobotXP said...

My goal is to get a level 95 average/all skills above 90 and get combat exp below 40% again. I hate the baggage that comes with being maxed combat, and I way prefer wearing my agile gear over everything.

Then again I find that we who play for total level prefer it much quieter. Maybe there should be an option to toggle skills/combat or even all off (as it used to be long ago). To judge a person by any level is downright silly.

Jax said...

I'd love to see you be able to toggle between combat and total level. If you log into a pvp world it forces you to show combat.

I like to try to keep all my skills above a certain number (like all 70, all 75 etc) Combat level just never really excited me that much.

Aximili E I said...

OO I like that idea Vaskor!

LOL, I commented(on my blog) on your posts David that they might get highlighted by Vaskor and what did you know one already has!

Same here Jax summoning aside I think I might have lvled combat 2 or 3 times in 2 years...this is rs2 of course, lol, rsc is entirely different....

TITUS YEO said...

Though I do see the need for more attention on total levels (am quite a skiller myself, or at least, i like to see myself as one), I still think combat levels can be just as important as total levels, depending on the route you are going for in the game.

Really like the idea of being able to toggle between combat and total level though :)

G said...

I'm all for a toggle of total levels. One thing I've come to like over the past few years of playing is balance. Its easy to be impressed by seeing all the names around you in that dark red font because they're 20+ cb levels ahead of you, but I'm much more impressed with someone over 2100 levels than I am with someone 135cb with skills still in the 40s and 50s.

Alex said...

Then again, perhaps it is for a technical reason that combat is shown - NPCs don't have skill levels.

I'd like total to be shown also tho.

Matties Life said...

In my opinion total level is better then combat level, even though most people see it the other way around :c.

Anonymous said...

Would love a total level stat. great idea!

ps skillers rule...see you at stealing creation :)


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