Saturday, October 10, 2009

g2g, real life happened

"g2g, real life happened" - thanks to for capturing this one.

Yeap, that's exactly what happened to me during the last two days. I've been hiking around black lakes with cypresses sticking up from the water their weird roots and no people anywhere around for miles, eating still slightly astringent fruits from wild persimmon trees in the middle of a sandy pine forest, watching gulls at the ocean's shore and climbing 1 million year old river bank cliffs. This kind of stuff tends to happen when you have a map, a car, a big open country and don't have planned routes and fixed schedules. My kind of travel :-) Which is actually possible to replicate in Runescape at some degree.

Anyway, I am back.

And one more link today is to an awesome article about noobs from the author of the phrase which started this post. Enjoy!


Aximili E I said...

I had to chuckle over the Noob blog post... since I call myself the RSC NOOB, lol...

Merch Gwyar said...

*points at Aximili E I* Classic Noob! <3

I love the word 'nub'. I can't tell you how many hours of tittering I've got out of the word 'nub'. Not even with calling it to someone. It's the fact that a word like 'nub' exists to shorten/misspell 'noob' that amuses me endlessly.

I'm a confirmed Quest Cape Nub. I'm trying very hard to become a Construction Nub.

Avicile Mohaili said...

*points at own name* Agility Defence Questing Nub!! <3

David7raul said...

Woah, talk about coincidence. I came back yesterday from my small vacation, I went hiking on a mountain too. :P

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