Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Untradeable Skilling Products

A lot of activity everywhere because of the Herblore update, mostly positive. I am in a happy camp with 91 herblore too - extreme potions rock.

But what really drew my attention is this post by Tanya from TruthScape forum:

"Now that the precedent has been set, I wonder if Jagex will apply this to other skills in future updates. I've often thought that high level smithers should be able to smith a powerful but untradeable weapon. It could equally well be applied to crafters for good armour, fletchers for special range equipment or runecrafters for crafting particularly powerful/useful runes. Just about any skill could be given the same treatment."

Sounds probable. Right?

P.S. will be away tomorrow, so don't expect posts :-)

1 comment:

Zorak Goes A Hunting said...

I agree. I just hope I've gotten 99s on those skills lest the cost of powertraining 'em would leave me bankrupt.

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