Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guide to Questing without Guides

I've been looking for ages for something like this. Great guide about true questing, that is questing without getting clues and solutions from fan sites and walkthroughs. IMHO, the only way to truly experience the adventure.


vandyballer said...

heyy it would be great if you could mention my blog!
I'm still in the beginning process but im getting there.
check it out if you would like!

Silvertaler said...

Hello there, I'm the official writter of that guide and glad to see you were rather pleased of the read. =]

I'd like to state that it makes me happy to see that people actually liked to see such a guide appear. Considering the amount of skillers, I didn't expect people to actually get interested about my work much, but I see I was wrong so thank you. ^^

I'm trying to submit this guide on RuneHQ's official website at this moment.

Aximili E I said...

Good luck on getting your guide on RuneHQ!

Silvertaler said...

Ah won't get it on the website after all. I've been PM'd that they only want strict noobfriendly how-to guides. Whatever, it's still on the forums anyways.

Alex said...

Silver <3

Gratz on a mention, now I need to get the ball rolling on my blog again. Relying on guests to keep me propped up is not the best strategy.

Vaskor said...

Vandyballer, thank you for the link! I'll be reading your blog from now on.

Silvertaler, I think your guide is great. I've been pitching questing without guides for a long time, but, I am afraid, without much success. I hope your guide will inspire more players to at least give it a try.

Silvertaler said...

True, could you add my blog too? I keep it updated regurarly. ^^

Bramy said...

That was a really nice guide. It actually makes me want to play legit a little bit.

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