Friday, October 23, 2009

Mental Links

I've been reading Vandyballer's post about reflection day and one passage struck me. Here it is:

"...there are also certain songs that remind me of a certain time when I was playing. Like “Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco reminds me of when I was ranging ogres to the east of Castle Wars. Why? I have no idea..."

Gee, I do have such mental links too. I don't know how it works but songs and feelings sometime get attached to places, people and, at least in my case, books. For instance, I have a link between Tolkien's "Children of Hurin" and Jethro Tull's "Thick as a brick", for many years now. And Runescape is not an exception. Hallowvale's ghetto will forever sadden me and Stealing Creations minigame will always bring up Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle-Earth".

Do you have such places in Runescape too?


NeobotXP said...

haha yes I do!

Various guitar pieces my father played back in 2001 remind me of alkharid mine where I would mine gold (they were in nugget form back then!). Although its not my favourite music I always listen to classical guitar when skilling and associate classical guitar pieces with various things in runescape now. :)

vandyballer said...

thank you so much for referring to my site :)

it really does mean a whole bunch to me to have someone who reads my blogs, and reflects about themselves from it!

hopefully you will keep reading and i can get more and more readers!
thanks again! :)

Ice the frosty cat said...

I wouldn't say I have links to anything in paticular, but Barbrianism makes me feel really nostalgic

Vaskor said...

Vandyballer, actually, thank you for the inspiration.

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