Monday, October 5, 2009


How many times did I talk to them? And never noticed! Ouch... Way to play the game with eyes shut... But who would guess?...

"The names of many of Runescape's knights are a play on words. Sir Prysin is surprising, Sir Renitee is serenity, Sir Vyvin is surviving, Sir Amik Varze is ceramic vase etc."

Information is taken from The Monkeigh Times


Merch Gwyar said...


I hadn't noticed that either. -.-

Avicile Mohaili said...

LOL I couldn't figure out Sir Tiffy Cashein for years and years (Certification). I knew about the rest. And the Sin Seer in Seers Village is Sincere.

G said...

I think my favorite is Fairy Nuff.

Meili said...

Amagad! I never noticed that at all.

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