Monday, November 2, 2009

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Knifestorm said...

I was looking forward to giving Mechscape a try and am disappointed that it has been "rebooted". Jagex's failure to launch mechscape reinforced the perception that Jagex is a one-hit-wonder.

Runescape is a great game, and it is Jagex's ONLY great game. Other games were attempted from the beginning of the company. Casual games were tried again in the form of Fun Orb. But these all failed. The majority of mini-games within Runescape would not succeed as stand alone products (look at Mobilizing Armies as a recent example).

The fact that the plug was pulled on mechscape, and the fact that this drastic decision was made so late in the development cycle, shows that Jagex not know how to make good games other than Runescape, and does not know how to make successful software in general.

I'm glad that their one hit has been so good.

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