Monday, November 2, 2009

Soloying Chaos Elemental

If you remember, about a month ago I was going to solo Graar. Well, it didn't happen. Every time I tried to muster my courage the thought of getting kill count only to be exterminated a few seconds later by Graar and his generals would put me off. Somehow I was always finding something better and easier to do in Runescape. That is - until today.

Today I finally admitted to myself that I was simply not ready for Graar. At least not yet. Plus I was skipping another Boss, which was presumably a bit easier - Chaos Elemental. So I decided to go hunting for Chaos Elemental instead. I've met it before, but never really fought against it. Our previous meetings had always ended up in the same way: me running away wounded, disarmed and confused. I read about the disarming spell of Chaos Elemental and how counter it by filling inventory with stews or potions. I opted to use potions, as I knew I'd need all hitpoints I could get.

So here I was with inventory full of saradomin brews and super restores. I also had extreme potions, antipoison and dragon dagger (which proved invaluable). I dressed into "I don't mind to be killed" costume comprised of dragonhide, glory, snakeskin boots, elemental shield, ring of wealth, helm of Neitiznot, barrow gloves and Farming cape, took whip and summoned an Obsidian Golem to keep me company. And off we went, to Ardougne, teleported to the deep wilderness and proceeded east to the Chaos Elemental's hunting ground. It was there all right...

The fight was long and messy. I poisoned the cloud, switched to the whip, turned on piety and spent the rest of the time frantically gulping potions and trying to engage in a close combat. And Chaos Elemental would teleport me out every few seconds, while hitting hard with its magic lightning bolts (or whatever it was). Half an inventory later Saradomin (brews) prevailed and here I was hitting the final blow :-) I need to note also that my fellow Obsidian Golem companion proved it worth and was frequently hitting 9-13 on its own.

"Phew, that wasn't that hard", - I thought and decided to repeat. Fortunately, I didn't stay with my half inventory or pots, but went back to fully resupply myself. Soon I was glad I did that. This time, when we reached the place, Chaos Elemental wasn't at home, so I sat down to rest and wait. The yellow dot appeared on the horizon and magic bolts soon followed. Yet again I managed to poison the monster and we engaged into our little deadly dance. However, this time we weren't alone. A big white wolf joined in, but I ignored it. I guess it got offended and called for relatives (or ancestors?). Anyway revenant werewolf appeared and now I was getting hit hard from two different directions. Still I concentrated on the Chaos Elemental only, trying to finish it off before my supplies run out. Then, as you might have already guessed, revenant knight appeared and joined in. Quickly it became real ugly... I ran for my life around the Rogue Castle. Once on the other side, I restored my health, drank extreme super set and assessed the situation. I still had a few potions left, angry revenants were between me and escape rout and Chaos Elemental was poisoned and almost finished. I decided to stay, single out revenants and finish off the Chaos Elemental. I knew I wouldn't even have to move - revenats always chase. And, indeed, the werewolf soon appeared with the knight trailing after it. I was fortunate to 3 hit the werewolf (extreme potions FTW!) and ran toward the knight. Two saradomin brews later the knight crumbled (or evaporated?) - the path was clear, so I went for the Chaos Elemental. It was already dying (presumably from poison), so we danced just a little bit. It died and left weapon poison and five bat bones lying on the ground (so that's how it flew!).

And that was it.


Anonymous said...

Your commentary is simply hilarious, in a good way! Well, if you remember me, I'm getting back into blogging and I'm trying to get a little more attention. :P Any help would be phenomenal.

^ The Link.

I love you blog, and still read it regularly, awesome work!

Vaskor said...

Mrlepage ( or Dom? ;-) ), thank you. I was already subscribed to you blog and now will look forward to new posts.

G said...

Nice solo! Congrats on that!

Ham said...

There is a level in ruins south of edge that teleports you to deep wilderness and is much faster to get to.

Dragon_DLV said...

I never understood why people never remember the Edge Lever. Same place as the Ardy Lev, and will go back to Ardy from there.

Merch Gwyar said...

Great story! Brave man!

The drops didn't sound particularly wonderful. Though the kudos and strategy of the fight were great.

Alden said...

Vaskor said...

G and Merch, thank you :-)

Ham and Dragon_DLV, to tell you the truth I have never used lever in Edgeville - didn't even know there was one. I'll go and try

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