Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween in Runescape (alternative view)

After I completed the Halloween event (and liked it), I went on reading multiple reviews from other players. Much to my surprise, I saw more negative reviews than positive ones. Actually many players liked some parts of the event and didn't like other parts (notably rewards and the agility web). There were other complains too.

Finally, I came to the "Halloween at its Finest?" article from the Informer, which listed pretty much all of them, but in rather funny and amusing way. So here we go. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Little too negative a article for my taste. I enjoyed the mini quest. Do we always need a substantial reward for it to be worth while?

G said...

I kind of agree about being disappointed in not getting a new emote. I love those things. The cape looks decent, but I'll hardly wear it because it doesn't really do anything.

I immediately put both the cape and spider in my house where I'll probably forget about them. The mini-quest itself wasn't that bad. Even the web part which is a little annoying, was kind of fun because of everyone trying to do it at the same time.

I think it was just a letdown because of prior events. To be honest, last halloween was pretty awesome with Draynor being decorated, the full outfit and the broom which can be used as a teleport. This after that is what makes it a letdown.

chrisofour said...

I liked the event/quest. It was nice to have a little light-hearted quest which did not involve running all over runescape, followed logical steps and made complete sense. I think getting a pet is cool, but maybe that's because I hardly ever use summoning, so I'm excited to have a pal joining my cat and fish bowl at my house. And next year, I'll pull out my cape and Eek and have fun running around Runescape with them, just like I'll pull out my snow imp this Christmas.

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