Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to buy a party hat in Runescape?

An article on about unbuyables, that is, items which cannot be bought at the Grand Exchange. Party hats are among them now. I can confirm it myself, as I've been trying to buy one for over a month... without success. The price just keeps rising and a max order never gets fulfilled. So I want to repeat the question from the subject: how to buy a party hat in Runescape? Anybody knows?


Moglafar said...

I think you should maybe open a thread on the runecape forums or maybe one of those fan sites/clan sites with forums they usually have a trade/sell thread somewhere.

Kitt said...

Use the RSOF and be prepared to make a junk trade.

G said...

Do you really want one? That money can be spent so much better ways... If its one of those things that you've wanted for a while though, I hope you get one!

Anonymous said...

You should try making a post on the forums or try to contact anyone who has one and see if they're willing to part ways with it.

Peterlor3 said...

Yea so what you do is say:

Yellow Partyhats are worth 85M.

Now you offer me a yellow party hat and 100M of junk and I'll pay you 185M gold pieces.

Simple as that ;)


Vaskor said...

Thank you, I guess, I gotta try it on RSOF, though, I don't like junk trades...

G, yes, I think I want one. Never had a party hat before and money is not an issue for me. I have more than I could possibly spend on skilling.

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