Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jagex assists in arrest of a Runescape Hacker

A rare case where a person was arrested for stealing online game accounts (Runescape accounts to be exact). Here are two links with a bit different views about it:

Interesting comment from Mark Gerhard about "just a handful of individuals responsible for over 95 per cent of all account hijacking in RuneScape". In this light the arrest totally makes sense. I know that many people (especially those who don't play Runescape) would laugh about a person being arrested and prosecuted for such crime. They simply don't understand amount of effort put into accounts by players and value of these accounts. Even if we put "emotional attachment" and "time invested" arguments aside, like it or not, Runescape accounts do have monetary value and it is not small. On black (RWT) market, of course, but still. In this regard hijacking Runescape accounts for profit is similar to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from people. It is actually worse, if you take in account how many people get hurt in the process.

P.S. Just one extra link. Alex posted a very nice technical tutorial for Blogspot users about setting up comments (as a continuation to the discussion we had before). If you are on Blogspot, you might find it useful.


Pimpas said...

"Even if we put "emotional attachment" and "time invested" arguments aside, like it or not, Runescape accounts do have monetary value and it is not small. On black (RWT) market, of course, but still"

If RuneScape accounts do have monetary value, why should they have all anti-RWT measures?

Jaggex want to be the owner of all property from everything that comes out of runescape accounts, even if the accounts are grown by thousands of different people. They should be the legitimate owners of that accounts and items and do whatever they want with them.

If there is a market and a value, the best thing to do is to regulate that market so it functions well.

But Jagex wants to be the ONLY owner of all that property.

It resembles the utopia of communism, where the state owns everything.

IF the RWT were regulated, probably there would be less accounts stealing, as any would be willing to sell account or coins as there would be people willing to buy them, within the rules.

Massecure360 said...

People put 100s upon 100s of hours of work into their accounts. I'm thankful that Jagex is taking real life action against people who steal accounts from people.

Runescape Bits said...

"Players invest years of time and effort into developing their RuneScape character"
-Mark Gherard

He just said it, addicted players spend years worth of time into developping their runescape character... For those people that need psychological help to get out of their addiction I have a word of advice for you - go buy an account and gold, or quit the game altogether and use some time with your friends and family, well spent time that you can remember

Vaskor said...

Pimpas, if RWT would be allowed, hackers would be even more active. Why wouldn't they? At least now, it is harder to monetize accounts they steal, so it is not as lucrative as it could have been.

Massecure360, I agree, Jagex is definitely doing a right thing there.

Runescape Bits, fortunately it is possible to enjoy Runescape regardless of levels and without being addicted to it. I dare to think that majority of Runescape players fall into this category.

G said...

Are you promoting buying characters?

Runescape Bits said...

Actually sorry, do not promote buying characters as I think that this is cheating, but I do promote buying gold. Right now I would need to work 3 - 8 hours on f2p (not for leveling character but for gp) in order to pk 1 hour... which is unreasonable for one wanting to live a normal life. And I pray to god that other players stop being adicted like i once was. And now with the ep system you cannot hope to become self sustainable pker any longer, you have to constantly work in order to play the game. So yea, I highly recommend to addicted players that they buy gold - if that would help them to get out of their addiction. Life that god gave you is much more precious than any game you can imagine

Steve said...

According to the adventurers log I have played for 345 days, thats 8280 hours, minimum weekly wage is £5.80 thats £48,024, I earn a lot more than the minimum wage, that will give you an indication of the value of an account in regard to real time played.

The people who buy these accounts are just as guilty as the sellers, without buyers there will be no stealers/sellers.

Runescape is a game that rewards work and commitment, to buy an account or GP makes it a game that rewards the player with the most cash, taking away the reason for the game.

I hope the guy who got caught gets an appropriate sentence, perhaps 100 hours chopping trees or cooking sharks, or thrown in the cage.

It appears he is in the same policing area that I live so if I see a chap in green trousers olive top and a bald head dipping a string vest in the River Avon ill know its him, ill give him a shove.

Vaskor said...

Runescape Bits, let's not mix up addiction and RWT. If someone is addicted to Runescape (or any other game like it) and his/her personal life is hurt because of it, yes, something should be done and eventually quitting Runescape will probably be a good option. Buying gold from RWT shops won't cure game addiction.

Vaskor said...

Steve, yes, buyers should be accountable too, and they are - Jagex bans them. But I suspect that quite a lot of RS gold/account buyers do not quite realize that what they are doing is wrong. Remember all those stories about parents/grandparents making gifts to their children?
IMHO, stealing other players accounts and selling them is far worse.

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