Sunday, November 22, 2009

Runescape Blogging Party

Just a quick report about the party :-)

I was happy when I realized that I could indeed come to the party. I was a bit late but could stay for half an hour at least. I was glad I came, though, to tell you the truth I was totally overwhelmed by the number of people and constantly running text. I was trying to answer some greetings and questions, but I am afraid didn't do a good job at it and most probably broke or missed some conversations, which might have looked rude. If it was and you got offended, I do apologize. I was doing my best, tying to read and write as fast as I could, but without luxury of "blogging" it was hard, really hard :-)

I got just one picture along the way. Here it is:

And finally, huge thanks to G for organizing it!


G said...

Thanks for coming out! There was a lot going on, nothing came across as rude from my end :)

I've got the same picture, just from a different angle. Note Mamma Licka...

I'll try to post what I got on it tomorrow or soon at least.

Supersuley said...

Thanks for subscribing Vaskor, I never thought my first subscriber would be the best o.O!
And I wish I could've gone it looked like fun, we need another one please!

zacharyb said...

I thought it was pretty fun. :)

Traygon123 said...

Good update, shame - I really need to get networking in-game and get to these parties that happen as everyone seems to have a right bash at each and every one.

Vaskor said...

G, thank you!

Supersuley and Traygon, try to come next time. I am sure we won't have to wait too long.

Zacharyb, yeap :_)

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