Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meeting Celebrities in Runescape

It's interesting how much easier it is to meet a Runescape celebrity comparing to IRL celebrity. Especially now, when tons of clans and fan site events are publicized by Jagex. For instance, Tiz is talking about his meeting with Excl here. Zezima and some of 99 club members might be harder to track, of course, but I personally wouldn't consider all of them being celebrities either. I guess it depends on a definition of a celebrity... And answering Tiz's question, I've already met Runescape celebrities I wanted to. With one of them I even had a pleasure to walk pretty much all the way across Gielinor :)


Anonymous said...

I don't like celebrities. Never did. Most of them have ego issues and I don't like arrogant people. They, and those who consider them celebrities, think they have something in special, but they're just humans like all of us, not otherworldy beings.

Same goes for player moderators and all those who have "highest ranks", I don't have more respect for them than I have for any random player. I've also already had much more important ranks on some other game and I know damn well it doesn't make people "better" than others at all.

Merch Gwyar said...

"With one of them I even had a pleasure to walk pretty much all the way across Gielinor :)"

What a coincidence! This happened to me too! :D

Anonymous said...

What makes a celebrity? people like you and me....and articles like this. We need to treat them like anyone else, they are not better then you and me, they are not more special then you and me.

I'll admit I one time met Zezima long ago and came away impressed by his humbleness. But others truly do think they are better because they have a higher level in a game?

I would rather meet bloggers like yourself or tim gold (which I have) or Marliane (which I still hope to), then some of those high leveled people, because you guys seem to have a true love for the game and the rs community, as opposed to reveling in thier own excellence.


Avicile Mohaili said...

All the celebrities I want to meet are people I can relate to, like my fellow bloggers <3

Alex said...

I don't honestly know who is considered a celeb in RS these days.

I don't look at anyone else's hiscores and I don't watch RS vids. The only ones I recognise by name are Zezima and Kingduffy (and only Kingduffy because I trained summon with him when it first came out).

There are others, but I don't remember their names and they've quit now anyway.

Aaron said...

Personally I think with all the things that have come out recently, more fansites, etc its become easier and easier to meet them, some of them are nice, some of them have let fame go to their heads, but I can understand why some are so spiteful, stupid Runescape players calling them "no lifers" and stuff are just....terrible. Personally I think those people are the ones with no life, because someone enjoys playing a game dosnt mean they dont do other things, blah *done ranting*.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention something on the above post, so deleted it.

See, mister Anonymous, how you said "you bloggers" and then "marlaine". That immediately insinuates there's a difference between us. Why would she be special? Because she has a flash animation on her blog (big deal seriously, it's not even a flash animation it's a gif image), or maybe because she's a girl? See what I'm talking about, some people get attention they don't deserve more than others, and some don't get the attention they deserve. I've seen epic blogs out there that aren't read enough. No offense to marlaine in all this as I don't know the person, but yeah some example needs to be taken to prove this.

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