Friday, November 20, 2009

Second Chances?

Fascinating story from Tiz.

Perfect example of why we should not put labels on people just from one encounter. I know, in Runescape chances are that you never see a person who offended you again, so one encounter will probably be the only one you will get. But still. Can we really understand who the person behind the character is based on a few sentences or actions? Sometimes.., but not often. Think about it, have you ever done something in Runescape that offended some other random player? I know I did (mostly in Stealing Creations). Does it make you (or me) a bad person?


Anonymous said...

No, you can't figure out entirely who they are, but you can figure out they're having trouble in life if they find it emptying their bags on you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've slightly changed my mind with what happened after I posted that earlier. Just wrote it on my blog if you really want to know.

Seriously, you can't entirely label someone from a first encounter, but if one is repulsive enough for you to SEE it, then it's enough for you to label a PART of that person.

TITUS YEO said...
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Vaskor said...

Here is the link to Silvertaler's post.

My approach IRL is to assume that every person I meet is good by default until/unless they prove me wrong (which actually almost never happens). I think, it is a good assumption to have :-) I try to apply it to Runescape too, but everything happens much quicker there. A few words or moves and a label is put upon other player. In this regard I was glad to see Tiz's story, so I personally could hold on on labeling people in game based on the first encounter.

But yeah, sometime people manage to reveal some really ugly stuff about their minds right away - being anonymous helps, I guess. Still, it is very rare, IMHO.

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