Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thing I learned this November

Gotta love Avicile Mohaili's attitude. Just look at all these things she learned this month. Sheer fun, that's what she learned :-)

I tried to come up with my list, but it was dull in comparison. So I'll just talk about one thing I learned recently: apparently I can hit 46 with a whip on KBD. And that's with 90 strength (not 99). What amazes me is how many bonuses stack in together to produce such result: Slayer Helmet (thanks to Black Dragons assignment) + Rune Defender (thanks to extreme antifire potion) + extreme strength potion + Piety prayer. Quite a combo. Now think about it: just two years ago I wouldn't have any of these bonuses. That's how bosses get easier :-)


G said...

Vaskor just think, would you even have considered soloing KBD 2 years ago?

I remember when just the thought of going into where the irons/steels were would mean instant death.

Crazy to think about :) Another great link, thanks!

Aaron said...

I remember running the KBD with my clan and friends, having sara d'hide armor DFS rune c'bow and rune bolts. I do agree thinking that KBD are ver fun.

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