Friday, November 13, 2009

Segregation in Runescape?

It's simple. I don't like the idea of high level only worlds. I know, many players were asking for it for a long time - finally Jagex gave in and decided to try. I hope the experiment fails. Yes, we have guilds which require certain levels to access, it makes sense, one need to get skilled in something to get into a guild. Restricting worlds and separating players into elite and others is different. IMHO, it is a segregation in a bad sense of this word. Yes, I know, that I don't have to play in those worlds. I just don't like the idea.

I actually think Jax has a good point here, it would make more sense to have restriction other way around, so some worlds could be "newby" ones, so players who are starting up could avoid competition from high level players for resources. But if Jagex just keeps all worlds open to everybody, I won't complain.

In other news, two web sites just got launched:


Silvertaler said...

Good point about the newb worlds. Those should exist, not the high level ones. There's enough segregation between hardcore and casual gamers already.

Alex said...

I agree to an extent, but 1k total levels isn't a lot (at least to my warped perspective), so this seems to me to be a way to keep the newbs and the mid-level players from competing for resources. After all, newbs and high levels won't be going for the same thing, and mid levels will still be using the newb ways to train so there won't be any competition.

I think that doing it this way round has some obvious benefits over a level cap - twinks will take over in those worlds for PvP and if all the high level players are cut off, who will be there to help the newbs?

Merch Gwyar said...

Noob Worlds is such a great idea! It would have helped me enormously.

Paul said...

I must say I disagree with this. Currently the segregation is very minimal. It takes little effort to get 1000+ total level on members.

Furthermore, the high levels which wish to be separated from newbs will be the ones who wont be very helpful to them in the first place. The people pining for the worlds are the ones who yell at newbs if they ask them a simple question.

In my opinion this in effect keeps all newbs free from rude high levels.

As for newb only worlds - I don't like the idea of these as much. This would give pures a much greater advantage over those who have spent more time in game training because these worlds would have less competition for high-level resources. Furthermore, it would not keep newbs away from rude high levels due to their ability to go into normal worlds regardless.

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