Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RuneScape Classic Temporarily Re-opened

Runescape Classic is temporary re-opened, wow! I did venture in... Oh boy... I knew upfront about many differences between RS2 ans RSC from Aximili E I posts, but I wasn't prepared for such drastic change of... everything!

First of all, I couldn't see myself - that was weird and kind of spooky. Then I figured it out and immediately got lost right behind the Lumbridge Castle. I chopped a few trees and tried to make some fires, but even that wasn't easy. Trees wouldn't fall down and fire wouldn't start. But I managed to level up both skills in the process. Then I somehow got unlost and found myself behind the river by the gates to Al-Kharid. Phew. And that was enough for a start :-)

The experience was strange, not at all what I have expected. But I liked it. I'll be coming back from time to time. I won't be doing much skilling there, but I want to see the world full of Runescape history with my own eyes.

Have you tried it? Will you keep coming back?

P.S. G set day and time for Runescape bloggers party. Look here. I'll be still out of country that day, not sure if I'll come. I'll try, but won't promise.


NeobotXP said...

You last logged in 1161 days ago.


Unfortunately I have all quests completed so there's nothing left for me to do :(

Cremlin said...

I last logged in 1630 days ago, all levels at 1.

Aximili E I said...

Yeah I have been hearing of some glitchy things going on... about wcing in RSC: if you fail to get a log you have to re-click the tree...same goes for fishing.... its different that's for sure...

Anonymous said...

I've gotta try out this version, sounds great.

Merch Gwyar said...

OmG! You and I both got lost in the same way, though I didn't make it to the river. lol

I'll do my best to be at the blogger party.

Anonymous said...

As one that played the original runescape (now called classic) it brought back some memories back when I first joined in 2003. It was hard just fighting chickens, and I almost got killed by a cow LOL, but yes it was very fun. I later found an iron dagger and I was king of the world :)


Meili said...

For each attempt to get a log or fish, you need to click once. It's not like Rs2 where you click once and your avatar stays there trying to fish or woodcut for a long time. :P

Same with all other skills, there is no "x all" option.

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