Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hints about the next Runescape Skill

Two pieces of information (speculation?) about the next Runescape skill. Both from Icey Dan, despite release dates mentioned in them being so different.

I'd love to believe the screenshot where 2009 release date is mentioned, but I really really doubt it is what going to happen - second half of 2010 sounds much more realistic to me.

I think that there are only two things which are certain in this matter:
  • it won't be Sailing
  • it will be an F2p skill


G said...

So much for 'confidential'... :P

We've only got a couple weeks left in 2009. I'm sure the xmas event will be next week and I don't think they'd release a skill alongside that, would they?

I also thought that they said it definitely wouldn't be until 2010 at some point. I'd think they'd want a release on its own, not lumped in with a bunch of other updates.

Vandyballer said...

I agree.
Though it would be very nice to have a skill come out right in the turnout of 2010 :)

By the way, would ya mind adding my blog back up to your site? I've had yours added ever since I created mine!

Supersuley said...

Very interesting, but Jagex must be very careful they don't give too much out =)

d.mcfarlane said...

They've given out pretty much everything they could about the Christmas event =(.
Ooh, yes! As a f2per I can't wait for it to come out *smacks lips*.

Vaskor said...

Vandyballer, sure.

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