Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Festival

In short, I had a great time. Thank you, Merch Gwyar and thank you, all the people who organized and attended the events! I didn't have a chance to try all activities, but every event I've been to was awesome.

It all started with spelling "CA" in the cow field and later potato field in Lumbridge. I never thought spelling could be that hard! But we finally managed:

Then there was a snow fight organized by Kitt Fox. It was simply pure fun, I kept grinning all the time - I still do when I am remembering it ;-)

I didn't get any pictures from Aximili E I's hide and seek event, simply because I couldn't find anybody, except for a stray penguin in Brimhaven. But I tried hard, I tell you.

G led the way to God Wars and we powned K'ril Tsutsaroth (I don't know how many times). It was nice and easy up to the point where everybody teleported out leaving me and Dr Leviathan behind (or rather that was us not paying attention :-)). Anyway, I ended up tanking K'ril Tsutsaroth with protection from magic on. Not a good idea. Fortunately, he gave me a break when I was under 20 hp left and I was able to eat and switch prayer. Then two of us took him down.

And then there was a huge party at Merch's place!


Aximili E I said...

You can see the pics that i took here vaskor:

Avicile Mohaili said...

I was traveling but actually managed to attend a game of Soulwars with the two who were still up :-)

Aximili E I said...

I was still up for a bit but was lagging to much for soul wars

Vaskor said...

Aximili E I, thanks!

Anthony Dufresne said...

i was too busy to attend the god wars, i had to do the christmas event and then help out a friend. i was almost able to make it but when i got there, nobody from the party was left. sorry guys...

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