Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goals for 2010

I am still reading through a huge backlog of blog posts which appeared while I was away. And it seems like some topics were discussed more then others. For instance, Canting Away winter festival got a lot of attention (and rightly so). Of course, the Christmas event (which was nice BTW). And finally, people were setting goals for 2010. That one got me thinking. Do I have goals for 2010? Hmm, I don't think I ever set goals for a year in my life. I mean, I do set goals from time to time, but "a year" is never a defining timeframe for my goals. What is the significance of a new year? Why is the "new year resolution" is such a big thing? Just a conveniently marked time interval?

Anyway, I decided to try and set myself a few Runescape related goals for 2010. I think I failed with this task..., but here is the list:

  • Make at least two updates to Runewise (I am really not paying much attention to the site now. It runs, people use it and I maintain it, but I am not doing anything to enhance it...)
  • Keep the Runescape Reader's Digest up (duh :-))
  • Raise my herblore to 96 (from 93), so I could use overload potions
  • Raise mining a bit (at least to 75), so I could mine at the Living Rock Caverns (BTW, here goes a useful post about mining with a clan over there)
  • Focus on Prayer and Summoning, so I could use more curses and summoning creatures.
  • Finally successfully solo Graardor.

And that was it. Couldn't get anything else planned :-)

P.S. Saw this question on Wiki Answers.Com today: "where is runescape?". Indeed, where?


troacctid said...

Save money and use Greenman's Ale for overloads.

Alex said...

Runescape is in the n-dimension past the third abyssal warp.

Ham said...

It would be great if you could add more skills to "How much till 99" on Runewise.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your goals
(Think you need 77 to mine living rock cavern)

Vaskor said...

77, ouch. But thanks!

Troacctid, I am not a big fan of Greenman's Ale - it's such a hassle, but sure I'll start making some overloads as soon as I hit 95. But I'll still go for 96.

Alex, yes, sounds about right ;)

Ham, I'll try

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