Saturday, January 9, 2010

Runescape and Recession

Rather controversial, yet interesting article from about MMOGs getting more popular during times of recession. The point being made is that MMOGs (Runescape included) through their addictive nature are serving as a perfect escape from harsh reality. And maybe they are for some. Perfectly logical.

Yet, I dare to think that it is not the main reason. I can hardly imagine that people who lost their jobs due to 2009 layoffs would out of a suddent turn to an MMOG and make such substancial impact on the number of players. What I think is happening is that high speed internet getting even more common, so more people get exposed to MMOGs, plus less people quit MMOGs due to small cost of playing. Event WoW with $15 per month subscription fee is relatively cheep if you compare it with console or PC games. If I wouldn't play Runescape I would go through 4-5 PC games in one year, which would cost me about $100 and I am not a heavy player by any means. Instead I am paying $60 for Runescape and have all the RPG experience I need. Makes sense finacially, doesn't it? Especially in time of recession.

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Cody said...

I think it's a partial escape from reality, and the fact MMOs are becoming more socially acceptable, more so than it is someone bargain seeking. While the cost of MMO can fairly cheap, if not free, it doesn't offer too much a varying experience, and usually from a mind of a consumer, it's best to get variety.

You'll find that many MMO subscribers also have consoles, use services like Steam, and the play both the MMO and the other to avoid burn out on either one. Though, that's just my two cents.

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