Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jagex's 2009 Financial Report

I am simply swamped IRL. It's all good: work and mapping, but to the degree that I haven't even logged into Runescape during the last 3 days... It should come back to normal later this week, I hope.

Meanwhile, here is a link to Jagex's 2009 financial report (thanks to Ren) - the company is doing good.

Another link I'd like to point you to is Mod MMG's Q&A. You probably saw it already, but still. My personal highlight from there is this one: "we find only about 10% of our players are PvPers". Nice, hard number to put PvP problems in proper perspective.

1 comment:

NeobotXP said...

The 10% that makes 90% of the noise and whine the most.

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